Artist Profile – Feather and Branch

I love anything vintage. From old books with worn edges to whimsical clothing that have a story of their own. I enjoy browsing antique and second hand shops for something no one else has, and wearing it with pride, knowing it’s unique and special.I also love to create. It would make me so happy knowing you purchased one of my creations and it brings a smile to your face each day you wear it.My shop is filling up with feminine accessories (and things). Whether you purchase a dainty ring or a whimsical necklace, I want you to feel special and different. All of my items are lovingly and thoughtfully made, so each purchase arrives at your door ready to be given as a gift to yourself or someone you love.I know how hard it is to find something that is unique but also affordable, without sacrificing quality, so I’ve made sure that you can find both in my shop.

Also, check out my blog at and follow me on twitter @featherbranch!

One thought on “Artist Profile – Feather and Branch

  1. Certainly love what you’ve got going here! Browsing old stuff can be so rewarding and so much fun! I see you’re in the Bay Area. Ever go to the Alameda antique sale??

    I visited your etsy, but it seems you’re down for a little bit. Let me know when you’re back up!

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