Catherine Reece of Village Clayworks

Featured Artist: Village Clayworks

Catherine Reece, San Francisco CA

What will you be selling at Vagabond? I will be selling functional pottery with hand drawn whimsical garden theme designs of birds and insects

What are your greatest inspirations?  nature, textures and lines.

When and where did you learn your craft? I began learning my craft about16 years ago at an small art center in southern california.

What makes your product stand out?  most pottery is glazed with a “dip and dunk” style where I looked at each piece as a blank canvas to draw.  I use a black underglaze pen to draw each design and fill in with color underglazes and finally each piece is dipped into clear glaze.

Catherine’s websites:

Want to get your hands on some amazing pieces by Village Clayworks?
Be sure to come out to the Vagabond Indie Craft Fair on Saturday October 15th from 11-5!

Become a fan on Facebook to get the latest updates about Vagabond~ and invite your friends!

Sat. and Sun. October 15th and 16th  at URBAN BAZAAR

1371 9th Ave.,  San Francisco CA         (415) 664.4422


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