Alexis Bautista aka Aya of Hikari Designs | By Aya

Featured Artist: Hikari Designs | By Aya

Alexis Bautista aka Aya, San Francisco CA

What will you be selling at Vagabond?  I will have a wide collection of my handmade items inspired by gothic, lolita, cos play, steampunk as well as nature. One of a kind pieces; such as unique feather hair extension clips, Feather and silk flower fascinator hair clips, as well as feather, glass and bead jewelry, terrariums, top hats and more!

When and where did you learn your craft? Ive been surrounded by creativity my whole life. As student of Architecture and Interior design, I was able to learn so much about just talking a simple concept and stretching it to its limit. Being mixed European Croatian and Asian, and first generation born American allowed me to still be raised with all sorts of cultural traditions. However I was always encouraged to explore beyond… I think that’s why I am inspired by so many things!!! After putting together something unusual,  I am always drawn back to Nature.

What makes your product stand out?  My creations are always unique and one of a kind. When I create each piece, I play with a range of materials and I like to include some kind of upcycled item to give each piece a certain patina to them. This allows me to truly make one of kind items, each a unique design that is waiting for that right person to connect with it.

Aya’s websites:  www.HikariDesignsByAya.com,

Want to get your hands on some amazing pieces by Hikari Designs?
Be sure to come out to the Vagabond Indie Craft Fair on Saturday October 15th from 11-5!

Become a fan on Facebook to get the latest updates about Vagabond~ and invite your friends!

Sat. and Sun. October 15th and 16th  at URBAN BAZAAR

1371 9th Ave.,  San Francisco CA         (415) 664.4422


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