Adra Valentine of StoneValentine

Featured Artist: StoneValentine

Adra Valentine, San Francisco CA

What will you be selling at Vagabond? limited edition fine fabric goods: luxurious reversible napkins, a variety of aprons in delectable patterns, sassy yoga bags and distinctive coffee sleeves.

What are your greatest inspirations?  I believe everyone should have beautiful and durable goods to use in their everyday life. I look for fabrics and colors that want to sing and do my best to give them voice.

When and where did you learn your craft? I have been sewing since I was a little girl. On my desk I have a stuffed golden lion that I designed and created as a child. I put cloves inside to make it smell good and it still makes me smile.

What makes your product stand out? The beautiful fabric and fun pattern combinations are an important element of all of my work but I think the attention to detail and care I put into each piece makes them really stand out.

Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention? I love everything I make and I hope you do, too!

Adra’s websites:  &

Want to get your hands on some amazing pieces by StoneValentine?
Be sure to come out to the Vagabond Indie Craft Fair on Saturday October 15th from 11-5!

Become a fan on Facebook to get the latest updates about Vagabond~ and invite your friends!

Sat. and Sun. October 15th and 16th  at URBAN BAZAAR

1371 9th Ave.,  San Francisco CA         (415) 664.4422


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